Predictions for the group stage of the Champions League 2019/20: Leverkusen – Atletico M 6 Nov 2019

Predictions for the group stage of the Champions League 2019/20: Leverkusen – Atletico M 6 Nov 2019

The bronze prize-winner of the Bundesliga, which is not too successfully acts in the current championship of Germany against experienced European soldier, is experiencing not the best times in La Liga. The outcome of their confrontation in the Champions League?

Bayer 04

Bayer jumped in last season above his head. This is what is now said by many football experts. In the ten rounds of the championship of Germany, the reigning bronze medalist managed to achieve a mediocre result: four victories, three draws and three defeats. In the end, only the tenth place in the standings. And in the Bundesliga team of Peter boss didn't for four matches.

In the Champions League Bayer also frankly do not possess. No points in three rounds. Only one goal scored and six conceded. Will it be sad for the German team, the situation today?

Atletico Madrid

"Plans" are also experiencing some difficulties in the Spanish League. Yes, they have lost only once this season. But their account just two wins in nine matches in La Liga. Only misfires of competitors allow wards Simeon to hold on to fourth position. And with a lag of just one point of leaders Barcelona.

But in the Champions League at Atletico, not so sad. Home draw in the match against Juventus and the victory over Lokomotiv Moskva and Bayer allow "Plans" to stay in the area of exit in the playoffs. But for a compelling passage in the spring part of the main European football Cup, it is desirable to take all three points away today.

Prediction for the game 2019/20 Champions League: Leverkusen – Atletico M

No matter how hard the Germans today, they are hardly something shines in the confrontation with real Madrid. Our forecast – P2rong>. Although the probability of goals scored from both sides.

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