Bets and predictions for the championship of England football Premier League 2018-2019

Чемпионат Англии по футболу регламент

British football championship is the oldest in the world and has more than a century. Today it is also the most expensive League to play in the dream for any player. In its current format the Premier League exists from 1992 year, the upcoming draw will be the 27th in a row.

A feature of the championship is having the opportunity to play in the English championship teams from Wales, despite the fact that this region has its own regular season.

The world's attention in the British Premier League is huge, especially on the part of bookmakers offering hundreds of betting options for every upcoming game of the national championship.

The rules of the competition

This year, no innovation in terms of organization and holding of the tournament is not planned, so it will fully comply with the championship 2017-2018гг with the exception of participants.

The English Premier League has 20 teams participating, each team play against each other in two games. A total of 38 games. Along with the games of the FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA tournaments it gives up to 60 matches per season inclusive, making a calendar of English clubs one of the busiest in the world.

The start of the championship in 2018, the year scheduled for the 11th of August, and the final round of the championship will be held may 19th of next year. The English championship is characterized by the almost complete absence of winter pause between rounds when the game is interrupted for literally two weeks. Interestingly, even at Christmas, the most revered in Europe holiday, the championship does not stop, and only increases its intensity. In the so-called "Boxing day" the teams have to play two rounds a week.

Given the second place of England in the UEFA rankings, four of the British team pabout the end of the season get the right to play in the Champions League, all from the group stage. Three more teams ranked 5th to 7th are in the Europa League, two in the group and one through the qualification round.

The system of relegation to a lower division does not provide any organization of the play-offs. Directly to championship sent three teams, instead of which enter three teams from the second tier, and the first two directly, the teams ranked 3-6 a venue clash for third place in the Premier League.


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Участники и фавориты

С учетом того, что текущий сезон еще не завершен, полный состав участников чемпионата 2018-2019гг еще не сформирован. Ясно только то, что проводить турнир в статусе действующего чемпиона будет «Манчестер Сити».

Если говорить о фаворитах и претендентах на медали чемпионата, то в британском футболе сейчас шесть топовых команд. Среди них два коллектива из Манчестера «Манчестер Сити» и «Манчестер Юнайтед», «Ливерпуль» и три лондонских клуба «Челси», «Арсенал» и «Тоттенхэм».

Наибольшие шансы на чемпионство следующего сезона имеют представители Манчестера, но английское первенство одно из самых непредсказуемых среди топовых чемпионатов, достаточно вспомнить прошлогодний успех «Лестера». Все это делает турнир только более интересным и зрелищным для сотен миллионов любителей футбола со всего мира.

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