Forecast for the outsiders season of the English Premier League 2018-2019.

Forecast for the outsiders season of the English Premier League 2018-2019.

Season of the English Premier League 2018-2019 began on 10 August, however, it is already possible to draw a conclusion on the likely candidates for relegation from the football League of England.

In accordance with the regulations of the competition, three teams with the lowest points are in the Football League championship. Elimination from the Premier League has not only the pride of the team and its fans, but the club's budget, so all the football experts expect a fierce struggle between the teams at the end of the tournament. Experts made your exclusive forecast for the outsiders of the Premier League, which will help make a winning bet at the bookmaker!

  1. Cardiff City.

Cardiff city have the highest chances of relegation from the Premier League. Coach Neil Warnock has tried with maximum benefit to spend the offseason and sent a investment to buy players. As a result, he was able to strengthen the attacking line, two talented forwards: Bobby Ride and Josh Murphy. However, Cardiff's lame defence and midfield, moreover, the strategy Warneka failed during his training in the two previous clubs - crystal Palace and Queens Park Rangers. Credit Warnaco can be put only in the 2010/11 season, when he saved the CRC from relegation in the championship thanks to the tactics of the 4-2-3-1. But now part of Cardiff there is an experienced playmaker like Adele Taarabt, so bet on a single player does not justify itself.

  1. Huddersfield Town.

Last season the club finished 16th in the Premier League, from relegation to the football League championship, the team was separated by only 4 points. In 38 games players managed to score only 28 goals, poor performance was the main factor pointing to a small capacity club. The Huddersfield lack the experience toMande difficult to compete with the best representatives of English football. British bookmakers almost 100% sure about the departure of Huddersfield from the Premier League, and we agrees with them.

  1. Fulham.

Fulham returned to the Premier League for the first time since the season 2013/14. The London club hopes to gain a foothold in the main championship of the Britain and even to fight for the middle of the tournament. Coach slaviša jokanović prefers a style of play based on the longest ball control. This tactic brought success in the football League Championship, but is unlikely to work in the Premier League.

The club managed to sign a permanent contract with key striker Aleksandar Mitrovic, however, appeared the news about the possible transfer of striker Ryan Manchester UTD's Manchester United. This year Manchester UTD's was voted the best player in the Football League if the club will lose that player, the offensive line will be irreparably damaged.

  1. Brighton and Hove Albion.

Last season the team managed to overcome the threshold of 40 points. Coach Chris Houghton intends to build on this success and to be among the let not favorites, but at least average performance in the Premier League. Despite the fact that Brighton failed to win at Manchester and Arsenal last season, the team was significantly weakened in the second half of the championship. This applies in particular to lines of defense, which coach does not have strengthened in the offseason. In our opinion, Brighton is in fourth place in the list of candidates for elimination from the Premier League.

  1. Watford.

Famous club Watford was among the outsiders for a reason: over the last three years, the team is unstable. Coach Javier Gracia under severe pressure from the club managers. Management Watford lays great hopes on him, moreover, in the offseason, the club has spent quite a large sum for the purchase of securities andGrekov: midfielder Gerard Deulofeu and defender Adam Masina. The main problem of the team lies in the insufficient level of teamwork, Gracia took the post of coach in January this year and have not had time to adapt to British football. Likely Watford will not depart from the Premier League, but with high probability will be at the bottom of the standings.