Bournemouth – Manchester city: prediction and bet twenty-ninth round of Premier League, 2 March 2019

Bournemouth – Manchester city: prediction and bet twenty-ninth round of Premier League, 2 March 2019

    The applicant for hit in the top ten against the defending champion – is it not a marvelous title? However, that Bournemouth will face Manchester city in early spring at home. The largest bookies along with football experts have no doubt that the bulls will easily win. But we should remember who the "Cherry" already versed in the current season? Let's dig into the past.


    Wards Eddie Howe is not the team that is able to qualify for getting into the zone walking to the Europa League. But he can show his teeth and snap. Or someone forgot that it was the thirtieth of January, Bournemouth beat Chelsea walnut on your stadium? And not just by a whisker, and with a score of...freeze...for a second... 4:0. And, in just a round. Without penalty and other concessions.

    But, to be honest. Then golovokrugenia the success of the "Cherries" lost to Cardiff (2-0) and Liverpool (3:0). So don't overestimate their worth.

    Manchester City

    What "Citizens"? Thanks moved the twenty-seventh round they are to mid-February are the Premier League leaders. But let's not forget that Liverpool still have a game in stock, although at points the teams of Guardiola and Klopp are equal on the morning of the eleventh of February.

    But still it is worth remembering what ended the duel "Sheikhs" against Chelsea on the eve of performances of both teams in the European competitions. PEP Guardiola's wards have left no stone unturned, "Retired", defeating them at the Etihad with the score 6:0. And Yes, Aguero in this match repeated the record of the Shearer in the number of issued hat-ricks. Only the legendary Alan has designed his "Troika" composed of different teams, and kun scored their only for "Citizens". But now not about it. Back to main topic.


    There is no doubt that Bayern will finish with "Cherries", as it was in the first round (3:1). And the result after the final whistle can be more impressive. So our prediction is obvious: the victory of Manchester city. And do not ignore total over 2.5.

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