Tottenham Hotspur – Arsenal: prediction and bet twenty-ninth round of Premier League, 2 March 2019

Tottenham Hotspur – Arsenal: prediction and bet twenty-ninth round of Premier League, 2 March 2019

    The Central match of round will be another London Derby. And it will fight the representatives of the Northern part of the capital: Tottenham and Arsenal. Who will prevail in the fundamental opposition of neighbors? Even the most experienced bookmakers are not prepared to give an answer to this question. But let's try to analyse the recent performances of teams and, based on this, we will try to predict the outcome of their meetings.

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Spurs continue to hold a steady season and fight for the medals. But still some difficulties the team Pocettino deliver staffing problems. Unlikely before the end of winter will appear on the Kane and Allie. And without them the attack of the Londoners seems less intimidating. Especially considering the team's performance in the last games of the Premier League without this pair.

    Son Heung-Min really blossomed this season. Eriksen continues to perform miracles, even though rumors about the departure to real Madrid. Yes, even Llorente continues to impress. Should I remind you about a good game Loris on the last turn?


    The gunners were not born yesterday. Even if they lost the fight for TOP-4 Manchester United. But ahead of Chelsea, which is also worth attention. Yes, wards Unai emery not too confident act against the "big six". But the same can be said about their neighbours from North London.

    Also let's not forget about the return of some key players, "the Gunners" to the Foundation. Or someone else doubts that the attack Lacazette, Iwobi and Mkhitaryan is able to "Sarasate" even without a Forward?


    Still, our forecast will be pragmatic, do not blame me. Spurs do look much better than the "Gunners". Even without a leader at the forefront. Our forecast – a victory par HoZeev.

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