Austria – Northern Ireland: forecast and bet on the match of the League of Nations, 12 October 2018

Austria – Northern Ireland: forecast and bet on the match of the League of Nations, 12 October 2018

    The third round of the League of Nations for subgroup B3 will start with a meeting of representatives of Austria and Northern Ireland. Both teams debuted in the tournament with defeats of Bosnia and Herzegovina. And now they urgently need to score points. And in order to catch up with the leader of the three, and to rehabilitate in front of their own fans. So who is leading the bookies think are the favourites in their personal duel?


    In this century, "Das Team" only twice reached the finals of major international tournaments. Both times it was Euro 2008 and 2016. But these Austrians are not able to show themselves in all their glory, retiring still in the group stage. So the League of Nations is a great chance for the team's German coach Franco Fody to return to the world of football.

    That's just the beginning of that "return" came out slurred. Austria lost to the representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Can the team take their first points in LN?

    Northern Ireland

    The current generation of "Green and white army" is considered the best in the last few decades. Because the team only once managed to qualify for major international competition since 1986 (!!!) year. And it happened at Euro 2016. In France, the Irish made it to the playoffs in the eighth and lost against Wales (1:0). The team had all the chances to get to the 2018 world Cup in Russia, but are unable to overcome in butt matches of the Swiss team.

    The League of Nations for the wards of Michael O'neill as for the Austrians, began with defeat against Bosnia and Herzegovina. So they also need to win.


    Both team are quite strong and able to fight to the last. But still we propose to take a risk and put in L1, as in this year is a little better itself showed exactly the Austrian national team.

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