UEFA Euro 2020: Belarus – Northern Ireland, 11 Jun 2019

UEFA Euro 2020: Belarus – Northern Ireland, 11 Jun 2019

    The leader of the group C goes to visit until that last team of six. Will the Belarusians to score the first points in the UEFA Euro-2020 in the second home match of qualification? According to quotes from leading bookmakers, the odds of winning the masters are not too great. So what outcome is best to put in the forthcoming meeting?

    The National Team Of Belarus

    The previous three games, "White wings" have managed to score only one goal. They first devastating lost to the Dutch (4:0), then failed to cope with their upcoming opponents (2:1) and later, the eighth of June, got two goals from the Germans (0:2). It is time for the team of Igor Kriushenko to start acting more confident. Otherwise they will not move from the last line of the table.

    Someone to take points, if not with the Irish? Because out Belarus managed to score against them. And lost with a minimum score. It's time to take revenge?

    Northern Ireland

    "Green and white army" unexpectedly succeeded to the chair of group C. In the first three contests, the team Michael O'neill scored maximum points, lost twice against Estonia (2:0 and 1:2) and the Belarusians (2:1). Now Northern Ireland is required to meet again with the Slavic team. And this time the islanders will be much harder, because they play on the road.

    Forecast for the match of UEFA Euro 2020: Belarus – Northern Ireland

    Both teams have a good chance to win. So don't even try to guess the final score, because everything can be solved by just one goal. So our forecast is for both teams to score. Although it would be nice to intrigue, to three points went to the hosts.


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