UEFA Euro 2020: Ireland, Scotland, June 11, 2019

UEFA Euro 2020: Ireland, Scotland, June 11, 2019

    Competitors of Russian national team in struggle for the permit in the final of Euro 2020 will converge among themselves in Brussels. Which one is more worthy of Victoria and will be able to prove it: Belgium or Scotland? Find out very soon. Although the official bookies favourite before the match dubbed masters.

    The Belgian Team

    Acting bronze prize-winner of the 2018 world Cup only at the last moment missed the Swiss in the semi-finals of the League of Nations. After this small decline, "Red devils" with special zeal commenced the next selection at a major international championship – Euro 2020.

    Wards Roberto Martinez spent three games and got them maximum points. Their "victims" were the Russians (3:1), Cypriots (0:2), and Kazakhs (3:0). Thus, while Belgium conceded just one goal in their gate. Not losing any points. Well, isn't it?


    "Tartan army" failed also ideal places to start. In the first qualifying match for Euro 2020 defeated the team of Kazakhstan (3:0). It is true, then the Scots managed to get together. The second March meeting they easily defeated San Marino (2:0). And the eighth of June, the team of Steve Clark easily defeated Cyprus 2:1. Not as confident as their upcoming opponent, but the islanders score.

    Forecast for the match of UEFA Euro 2020: Belgium – Scotland

    Analysts bookmakers are absolutely right. The red devils are the favorites and our prediction is their victory. Moreover, it is likely total over 2.5. Or even the defeat of the guests.


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