UEFA Euro 2020: Montenegro – Kosovo, 7 June 2019

UEFA Euro 2020: Montenegro – Kosovo, 7 June 2019

    Two far from the most powerful representative of the group And are ready to showdown. Team Kosovo going to Montenegro. Who will be luckier and get the three points? Or team Deathmatch ends in a draw? According to the largest bookmakers, to win to the receiving party. But do the representatives of Kosovo so just give Victoria his opponent?

    The National Team Of Montenegro

    "Brave falcons" poorly made in the first draw of the League of Nations (they scored only seven points and took third place in the Quartet with the Serbs, Romanians and Lithuanians) and now just have to rehabilitate in the selection for Euro 2020. But the wards began Lubisi of Tumbakovic too weak.

    Montenegrins in the first of March matches drew with Bulgaria (1:1) and the second was defeated by the British (1:5). Thus, in their active only one point. An urgent need to get points.

    Team Kosovo

    The "Golden boys" by only one point in the asset. But they played in qualifying for the European championship only one match. Representatives of Kosovo has managed at home to defend a draw in the battle against Bulgaria (1:1). Whether a modest team to hold at least third position in group A? Is not the fact. After all, many it is considered the weakest in the top five.

    Forecast for the match of UEFA Euro 2020: Montenegro – Kosovo

    The teams of about the same level, although a few years ago, Montenegrins were much stronger. But it is unlikely they will concede at home. Therefore, our forecast is for a home win or draw. But not Victoria the national team of Kosovo.


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