UEFA Euro 2020: Czech Republic – Bulgaria, 7 June 2019

UEFA Euro 2020: Czech Republic – Bulgaria, 7 June 2019

    Selection for the European Championships returned to the stadiums of the Old world. And in one of the duels between them will play representatives of the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Which team of group A more than deserved three points? Official bookmakers offer almost equal odds of winning each of the teams. But who will be stronger?

    The Czech Republic

    After good performances in the League of Nations the "people's team" started the qualification for Euro 2020 with the defeat. In March, she was defeated by England. But now wards of Yaroslav Silovogo definitely going to rehabilitate in front of their fans. Because the Czech team is really good composition, does not deserve the last place in group A. Yes, and to make the team will be in front of their fans.

    The National Team Of Bulgaria

    In this century, France once fell in the final part of major international tournaments. It happened at Euro 2004 in Portugal. Now they will again try to get to the championship of the Old world.

    In the spring of wards Krassimira balakova began the campaign with two draws 1:1. They drew first the Montenegrins and then with representatives of Kosovo. It is time to try to get the three points. If the team wishes to retain produced in March, second place in the standings.

    Forecast for the match of UEFA Euro 2020: Czech Republic – Bulgaria

    Of the five matches between these teams, winning four and went to the Czechs. Another match ended in a draw. Thus, the national team of Bulgaria has never beaten his upcoming opponent. It is unlikely that anything will change in early June. Our forecast – P1. After all, the owners objectively stronger.


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