UEFA Euro 2020: Kazakhstan, Scotland, 21 March 2019

UEFA Euro 2020: Kazakhstan, Scotland, 21 March 2019

    The honour to open the qualifying tournament for the European Championship had two is not the strongest teams of the Old world. Whether Kazakhstan to oppose something in his field a team like Scotland? According to the largest bookies, guests are required to take the three points for Albion. But is it so soon to bury the home?

    The National Team Of Kazakhstan

    A team led by Czech coach Michal Bilek is well aware that from a group with Belgium, Russia and Scotland (excluding Cypriots and representatives of San Marino), to reach the final draw of Euro 2020, the Hawks will be extremely difficult. More precisely, almost impossible. And already in his first match the team of Kazakhstan will meet on the field with the Scots. Immediately serious test.


    The "tartan army" failed to reach the final of the 2018 world Cup in Russia than incredibly disappointed their fans. After all, with the Slovaks still could compete for second place. But it is in the past. Now is the time to look ahead and prepare for future fights.

    Not long ago, the Scots proved themselves in the League of Nations, where they won their group (it was also Israel and Albania) and rose from division C to division B. Why not develop their success in the selection for Euro?


    In our opinion, everything is obvious. Although in the UEFA rankings and teams are not so far away from each other (twenty-fourth and twentieth place), all of the owners are markedly inferior to facilities in the class. Our forecast – a victory of the national team of Scotland.


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