UEFA Euro 2020: Netherlands – Belarus, 21 March 2019

UEFA Euro 2020: Netherlands – Belarus, 21 March 2019

    One of the favorites championship 2020 is preparing to start the match with the underdog. The Netherlands will host Belarus. Whether the guests at least some chance to go home without shame? The largest bookmakers don't believe much in a decent game Slavic team. However, the reason here is not so much the weakness of the Belarusians, but in the power of the Dutch. But about all under the order.

    The Netherlands

    After the third place at the world Cup in Brazil (where in the fight for the bronze Clockwork orange beat just the hosts of the tournament, and with the score 0:3), "Orange" was in a steep dive. First, the team did not get to Euro 2016. And then the Netherlands missed the world Cup in Russia, in the most important match unable to defeat the Swedes with the correct account. In fairness, in that game, the Dutch beat the Scandinavians 2-0, but to score they still had five or more...

    In any case, since then the team has been noticeably updated and is a a completely different team. The Dutch have amply demonstrated this in the League of Nations, becoming the best in the trio with the French and the Germans. And now, to the semifinals of the LES, where the Netherlands will meet with the British, they can fully concentrate on the UEFA Euro 2020.

    The National Team Of Belarus

    And now a little about the "White wings". Yes, the team of Igor, Kriushenko won their group in LN. But they competed with Luxembourg, Moldova and San Marino. Not the strongest opponents. Now everything will be much more difficult. After all, to confront the national team of Belarus will be the Dutch, Germans, Estonians, and Irish. So trying to score points you need from the very first match.


    Still it is unlikely the current generation of Belarusian players able to defeat the Dutch. And even on their territory. Even a draw for guests will be a small miracle. Our forecast – a victory withboric Netherlands.


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