UEFA Euro 2020: Slovakia – Hungary, 21 March 2019

UEFA Euro 2020: Slovakia – Hungary, 21 March 2019

    Two of the middle five E will start the selection at EURO 2020 with the match at the stadium of Anton Malatinsky in Trnava. Slovakia will take it from Hungary. And it hosts, according to most bookmakers, are a favorite in this meeting. But do the Hungarians would be so hard to get at least a draw? Let's think about this.

    Team Slovakia

    After their successful performance at Euro 2016 (1/8 finals and relegation at this stage of the German national team with the account 0:3) "Slovenskí sokoli" slowed down a little bit. They failed to qualify for the world Cup in Russia. And after he acted not too successfully.

    In the group stage of the League of Nations Slovakia lost to the Ukrainians and the Czechs in their top three, which was forced to move to division C. But now begins a new round of football history. Maybe Hamsik and company under the leadership of Paul Gabala will be able to re-enter the level from four years ago?


    The "magical Magyars" also managed to make a lot of noise during the last championship of the Old world. They almost left irrelevant Ronaldo with his teammates, winning the group the Austrians, Icelanders and the Portuguese. However, in Hungary 1/8 devastating lost to the Belgians (0:4) and left the tournament. It should be noted that up to 2016 the representatives of this country in the main contest of Europe for forty years. And at the world championship, they last played in 1986.

    No luck Hungarians and the League of Nations. Second place in the Quartet with the Finns, Greeks and Estonians. That is, in the next draw they will play in division C.


    It is no wonder the bookmakers give preference to the receiving side. Slovaks look a bit fresh and balanced. Yes, and lucky, in General. Our forecast – P1. But do not expect defeat in this match.


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