UEFA Euro 2020: Ukraine – Serbia, 7 June 2019

UEFA Euro 2020: Ukraine – Serbia, 7 June 2019

    While the Portuguese are busy with the final of the League of Nations, Ukraine and Serbia will play the most interesting match in this group in the selection for Euro 2020. Each of the teams vying for a place in the final of the championship of the Old world. But who did she finally get? According to official bookmakers, both teams could get three points. But still a small favorite look home. Let us understand why.

    The National Team Of Ukraine

    In the current decade the "Yellow-blue" consistently come out on the European Championships, but fly past the world Cup. However, in the recent draw of the League of Nations, Ukraine has proved itself very worthy. She won first place in the top three with the Czechs and Slovaks, which has moved to the top division. And after two matches in qualification for Euro 2020 the wards of Andrey Shevchenko occupy the first place in group B. They managed to play a draw with the Portuguese away (0:0) and to beat Monaco (1:2). Now the team will play two games on its territory in Lviv.


    "White eagles" has so far held only one match. They played a draw with the Portuguese (1:1), and managed to score the first already on the seventh minute, albeit with a penalty. So to reckon with Rooney will have to all opponents and outsiders and favorites.

    Forecast for the match of UEFA Euro 2020: Ukraine – Serbia

    It is unlikely Serbia will play at least a draw. She really needs glasses. And this is available to owners who know how to play on the counterattack. Our forecast – P1. All Ukrainians will be easier in front of their fans.


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