Israel – Scotland: the forecast and bet on the match of the League of Nations, 11 Oct 2018

Israel – Scotland: the forecast and bet on the match of the League of Nations, 11 Oct 2018

    Two far the strongest European teams will meet in the internal battle very soon. But many bookmakers have already managed to define a favorite game. So why don't you do the same, based on our forecast?


    Don't underestimate the "White-blue". Even though most of their last matches they lost with the minimum account. In General, it seems that the Israeli team 1-0 long been a favorite. With them on the scoreboard ended with matches wards of Andreas Herzog most in the last calendar year. Be their enemy, though the Spaniards or the Italians, though modest Macedonians.

    Here only can these guys fight unyielding mountaineers? Even the national team of Albania a month ago, the Israel has already managed to lose...


    For "Tartan army" the mere fact of reaching the finals of any major international competition will be considered a success. After all, Scotland in 1998 was not qualified for the world Cup and in the main European tournament and is played twenty-two years ago...

    Selection for the world Cup in Russia was for the Scots not easy. Only on additional indicators, they lost second place in their group to Slovakia. Although first place in the top six has naturally taken by the British. Now wards Alex macleish has everything to qualify for Euro 2020. Because the group with the Albanians and Israelis they must take the first place.


    Personally we have no doubt that Scotland will win. Let the game and will give them away, but Israel is obviously not the command that you want to lose points.

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