The America's Cup in 2019 football: Brazil – Bolivia, 14 Jun 2019

The America's Cup in 2019 football: Brazil – Bolivia, 14 Jun 2019

    To open the Copa America this year, will the masters tournament and the national team, nicknamed "La Verde". Who will show the best start of the fourteenth of June: Brazil or Bolivia? According to official bookmakers, victory should go to the Selecao. But whether they are impeccable on the eve of the tournament home?


    Five-time world Champions not too confidently made at the world Cup in Russia last year, in the quarterfinals losing to the Belgians with the score 1:2. Now wards Titus can at least partially redeem to their fans in the tournament, which will gather the best representatives of South America.

    The composition of Brazilians is the best in the upcoming Copa America. And to act as they would at home. Only here can such a number of stars to turn into a really unified and all-star team?

    The National Team Of Bolivia

    The team led by Eduardo Villegas is not too Shine on the international stage. The main achievement of the national team of Bolivia in recent years – the quarter-finals of the Copa America in 2015. Maybe something will change this time.

    Prediction for the game Copa America 2019: Brazil – Bolivia

    Still not cool, and the difference in the teams is just huge. It is unlikely Bolivia will be able to provide decent resistance to the more experienced and confident Brazilians. Especially when they are masters championship. And they will hurt tens of thousands of fans. Our forecast – P1. No options for guests. Yes, and total over 2.5 it is worth considering because the opening match, the hosts will definitely want to spend at the highest level.


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