The America's Cup in 2019 football: Argentina – Colombia, 16 June 2019

The America's Cup in 2019 football: Argentina – Colombia, 16 June 2019

    One of the strongest teams in the world headed Messi will be the nominal mistress of the confrontation with Colombia in the first match of the group stage Quartet B. whether wards Carlos Cheirosa something to counter the "White-blue"? Find out very soon. Here only the majority of bookmakers are already pre-convinced Victoria Argentines. So great is their advantage? Will be known very soon.


    For a long time, "La Albiceleste" are without a trophy at international level. And this despite the presence of Messi and other international stars in the squad. It is noteworthy that even in the America's Cup, the Argentines can't win the trophy for many years. Perhaps they will be able to rewrite history in the coming days.

    Yet the team of Lionel Scaloni only join the tournament after the completion of the national Championships, where many Argentines have succeeded. The main question remains open. Whether the stars of world football to play for his national team as they played in clubs?

    Team Columbia

    Team Carlos Cheirosa especially stars from the sky is not enough. Nevertheless, Colombia was played in one-eighth of the 2018 world Cup in Russia, and also took third place in last season's Copa America. So this team definitely needs to be considered. No wonder that in its composition there are a number of stars. And it's not only about Ramadel Falcao, which is gradually disappearing. Let us also remember Zapata, Sanchez, Diaz and the other guys. And Ospina in goal too not to forget.

    Prediction for the game 2019 Copa America: Argentina – Colombia

    Hardly "White-blue" will allow themselves to concede the opener in this tournament. Despite the star cast of the opponent. Our forecast – a victory of Argentina national team. And with the big Veroatnatu, both teams have different goals.


    Other predictions for the games of the Copa America 2019 can be found here.

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