The America's Cup in 2019 football: Venezuela – Peru, June 15, 2019

The America's Cup in 2019 football: Venezuela – Peru, June 15, 2019

    Two good teams from South America will try to find out who is stronger in the group stage of Copa America 2019. Who is more worthy of victory: Venezuela or Peru? Opinions of the leading bookmakers on this issue split almost equally. So who all the same put in this game?

    The National Team Of Venezuela

    Wards Rafael Dudamel not often Shine in the international arena. Many athletes caused by the head coach for the Cup, are in South America. But you should also remember that several members of the teams play in Spain (Villanueva Rosales, Herrera, a macys, Juan Pablo Anor) or other top European leagues. For example, team captain Tomas Rincon is the Italian club Torino. And one of the main strikers of the national team of Venezuela Jose Salomon Rondon protects the colors of the English Newcastle.

    Let the team and is the favorite of the Quartet A (still are the hosts of the tournament Brazilians), but it could give trouble to any opponent. Even the upcoming opponent.

    The National Team Of Peru

    "White-red" can not break into the elite of world football. For a long time they "flew" past the world Cup, but still could show itself at the recent world Cup in Russia. Now the national team of Peru can compete for the title in the championship in their native continent. That's just whether Paolo Guerrero and his teammates battle their rivals at the group stage? We learn today.

    Prediction for the game 2019 Copa America: Venezuela – Peru

    Most likely, both teams will not to rush headlong forward. And not the fact that we will see an abundance of goals scored. But still our forecast – a victory of the national team of Peru. Although the overall total is unlikely to exceed 2.5.


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