The results of the first matches 1/2 UCL: Barcelona lost to Liverpool at camp Nou

The results of the first matches 1/2 UCL: Barcelona lost to Liverpool at camp Nou

    "Blue garnet" has once again proved that I deserve to play in the Champions League final-2019. Liverpool have not managed anything to oppose to a goal by Suarez and Messi scoring a double. As predicted by many experts and Russian bookmakers, Barcelona dealt with the British at home. And, with quite a decent margin.

    The first half

    As expected, opponents began this level quite cheerfully. Already in the second minute could expense to access Salah. But his shot after the lightning breakthrough is not enough accuracy. But Suarez at the twenty-sixth minute, was able to cope with the goalkeeper after a pass from Alba. 1:0. Then the teams continued to exchange the dangerous moments. That's just more confident the hosts looked.

    The second half

    After the halfway point of the match Barcelona continued to control the game. And the main genius of this match, Messi has managed to bring the matter to the defeat. First, he managed to be the first on the rebound after hitting Suarez on the seventy-fifth minute. And seven minutes later converted a penalty confidently, sending the ball into the top corner of the goal of Alisson. 3:0. This is the result and stayed on the scoreboard after the final whistle.

    What is the result?

    Most likely, Liverpool did not deserve defeat with the score. But the team Valverde has clearly surpassed the wards Klopp. A logical home win. But on the road the Spaniards will have a hard time. At Anfield Reds showed itself in all its glory. It is possible that their current members will now be able to respond adequately to the Catalans.

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