The results of the first matches 1/4 Champions League: Liverpool make a serious bid for the semi-finals

The results of the first matches 1/4 Champions League: Liverpool make a serious bid for the semi-finals

    In April, the Champions League started with a confrontation between English and Portuguese teams. Liverpool at Anfield has been the host of the Port. It hosts the largest BC considered favourites. And they completely justified the hopes rested upon them.

    The first half

    A little more active after the starting whistle began guests. And it is the player Porto – Moussa Marega – struck the first shot on goal. But one of the leaders of the "Dragons" failed to send the ball into the net gate of Alisson.

    But the Reds responded immediately and opened the scoring in the fifth minute. After a series of transfers and not without the aid of a deflection scored Nabi Keita. While the guests came in, Liverpool have joined to the fullest. It was obvious that the owners want to put the squeeze on the Port in the next half hour. And they succeeded.

    In defence Liverpool has operated consistently and reliably. Although a lot of work the defenders and the goalkeeper were not observed. But Salah, Roberto Firmino and Manet periodically acute attack. And their diligence resulted in the second goal. On the twenty-sixth minute, Firmino could only send the ball into an empty net after a series of chic gear from our partners. 2:0. After that, the players of Porto was trying to raise, but clear-cut chances, it never came.

    The second half

    After the break, the visitors were still hoping to break the course of the game, although the "Red" looked a little more confident. The dragons even managed to score early in the first half, but the goal was rightly cancelled. As a result, until the end of the match the result was completely satisfied with the wards Klopp has not changed – 2:0.

    What is the result?

    Marego can be considered the main loser of the meeting. It could differ several times, but failed to beat the Brazilian goalkeeper. But Liverpool is making a serious bid for the semi-finals, where he reprOIT to meet the winner of the Tottenham – Manchester city.


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