Liverpool – Barcelona: prediction and bets 1/2 of the Champions League, 7 may 2019

Liverpool – Barcelona: prediction and bets 1/2 of the Champions League, 7 may 2019

    The British still have a chance to get back in the game and the second time for a couple of years to repeat unique achievement to get into the Champions League final. But they will have to neutralize three goals conceded on the road. Whether on forces it to Liverpool? If you believe the major bookmakers, it is unlikely that the British are capable of such achievement. Is it really so? Let's deal.


    Jurgen Klopp has repeatedly argued that the teams under his guidance are able to turn the game. After all, remember how we played in the Champions League it Dortmund a few years ago? Now Liverpool faced a serious opponent. It is worthy to become the winner of the current draw of the main Cup tournament of the Old world. Whether Salah and his team to change the course of things in their favor? Is not the fact.

    Too unattractive look the British in the battle at the camp Nou. With these results in the final phase did not beat them, Coutinho, Suarez and Messi.


    "Blue garnet" has designed a decent handicap at three goals. Now it remains only not to lose, at least, devastating. Yes, the native Anfield Liverpool will be able to demonstrate a very different football. That will only be possible for the British to at least be on equal footing with the future champion of Spain?


    There is no doubt that Liverpool deserves to be in the Champions League final for the second time in a row. Only now he got the same opponent who needs to take the "big-eared Cup". Our prediction – a draw or P2. Perhaps, even a minimal home win. And the further passage of Barcelona in the Cup match of the year.

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