Porto – Liverpool: forecast and bet on the match of 1/4 of the Champions League, 17 APR 2019

Porto – Liverpool: forecast and bet on the match of 1/4 of the Champions League, 17 APR 2019

    If the Dragons somehow to meet the last finalist of Champions League after defeat? Or Liverpool will once again prevail over the Port? Most bookmakers have no doubt in reaching the semi-finals of the team from Albion. But does this mean that the Portuguese will concede at home? Let's deal.


    And before the first match ¼ the Portuguese looked the outsider. Hardly anyone will argue with this statement. Potential "Dragons" is huge. They used to act as a single mechanism. But so far this machine is unable to compete with the best players in the world. Just need to recognize this fact.

    There is no doubt that at home the players Porto will not give up without a fight. But, let's be Frank. They have almost no chance to play two balls against a monster like Liverpool.


    The team of jürgen Klopp in the first half at their home stadium have created for themselves the ideal conditions for the passage to the next stage of the playoffs. Many experts in one voice say that a great coach has finally found his great team. But is it really?

    In many ways, these statements are justified. If Borussia Dortmund Klopp bothered to build a decent club budget constraints and the constant sales leaders, now it buys almost all who wish. Plus, under his leadership, the players really open up. This is evidenced by not only the fight for the championship in the Premier League, but the potential to reach the Champions League final for the second year in a row.


    It only remains to add that the Dragons will be very lucky if they fall apart in their own stadium estádio do dragão in full. After all, Liverpool Klopp knows and loves to play on the counterattack. And to score you must first owners. Tso our prediction – away win. And even a draw would be good result for the Portuguese club, who only wish good luck in the next draw of the Champions League.

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