Valencia – Arsenal: prediction and bets 1/2 of the Europa League, may 9, 2019

Valencia – Arsenal: prediction and bets 1/2 of the Europa League, may 9, 2019

    The Spanish club on its field will try to make up for the defeat away with score 3:1. But can Valencia to get around the Arsenal for the remaining ninety minutes to reach the final of the LE? If you believe the official bookies, it is unlikely. And now we will try to explain why.


    "Bats" is not exactly making it into the Champions League through the championship of Spain. At best, they will again perform LE. So it is desirable to achieve success in the second largest crocombe. But to win the trophy, for a start, Valencia needs to get to the finals. And not the fact that they miss them there.


    Team Unai emery flew past the TOP 4 in the EPL. Yes, the theoretical Shanwithyou to avoid Chelsea and Tottenham still have it. But you need to beat Burnley in the last round with a difference of eight goals.

    But emery knows exactly how to win the Europa League. Three times he did it with one of his previous teams – Sevilla. And with Valencia experienced mentor familiar not by hearsay. He led the Spanish club and there remember him well. He just had to set Arsenal on a solid performance on the road. And Arsenal don't even have to win. Just enough to keep the advantage gained in the previous match at the Emirates.


    Valencia tenth time playing in the UEFA Cup. And if the "Bats" conceded in the first leg by two or more goals, they are not passed on. But the "Gunners" in the last two-legged confrontation moved on, if Victoria won the first game. So our prediction is Arsenal to win and reach the final. Although likely both teams will score.

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