Predictions on the game 2019/20 RPL: Rostov – Orenburg on 13 July 2019

Predictions on the game 2019/20 RPL: Rostov – Orenburg on 13 July 2019

    The ninth and seventh teams at the end of last season RPL will start a new League with head to heads to Rostov Arena. Which of the teams will be stronger this time: growth or Orenburg? According to official bookmakers, victory must accrue to the owners. Whether so it actually?


    "Yellow-blue" is clearly not satisfied with the place which they occupied in last championship. During the summer break, the team said goodbye to a number of players, but almost none of them got into the first team. So to replace them Rostov can without buying new players. But to gain n would actively act on the transfer market. However, Valery Karpin can only count on those guys that were in his possession and in the spring.


    But with Vladimir Fedotov has far more problems. From Orenburg took many of the major players. But replace them with the club yet to find not in a hurry. With such layouts the team is unlikely to repeat the success of last season. But functionaries of Orenburg there is still time to think again and to develop activity in the transfer market. The main thing that was not late, and not had to regret the lost in the first rounds glasses.

    Prediction for the game 2019/20 RPL: Rostov – Orenburg

    Team four times, played each other before. And only once Rostov has managed to defeat his opponent. The other three Victoria went to Orenburg. But now wards Karpin has all the chances to improve statistics. Our forecast – P1. Rostov still good at the moment much better.


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