Predictions on the game 2019/20 RPL: Spartak Moscow – Sochi 13 Jul 2019

Predictions on the game 2019/20 RPL: Spartak Moscow – Sochi 13 Jul 2019

    The fifth team last season's Premier League against a debutant. Spartak Moscow vs Sochi. Whether the capital team to start a new drawing with a confident victory? Leading bookmakers are in little doubt. But about all under the order.

    Spartak Moscow

    After a disastrous last season, "Red-white" begin speech with the meeting in their native "Open Arena". The wards of Aleh konanau urgently need to be rehabilitated for fifth place in last season's RPL. And for a good start better opponent than Sochi, it is unlikely we could come up with.

    Yes, now Spartak Moscow will be without Glushakova, Bockety, Kombarov and ze Luis. But they are a good substitute and available in guys and came to the club, Ananidze and tank. And how they have to play each other, we learn in the near future.


    In the summer, Barcelona have invited a number of decent players. Novoseltsev, Salagou, Margasov, Snake, Obukhov and others will be a great gain for the team, which for the first time in its short history to play in the Russian Premier League. But will it be enough to compete with the best teams in the country? It is possible that it would be worthwhile to strengthen other positions are still available.

    Prediction for the game 2019/20 RPL: Spartak Moscow – Sochi

    As if n had increased guests, Muscovites outperform them in all respects. Our forecast – a victory of Spartacus. Barca are unlikely to cope with the "Red-white". Especially on their territory.


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