Predictions on the game 2019/20 RPL: Ural – Ufa on 13 July 2019

Predictions on the game 2019/20 RPL: Ural – Ufa on 13 July 2019

    The second Matchday of the first round of the Russian Premier League will start with a Ural and Ufa. How will the tenth and the fourteenth meeting of the teams at the end of last season? If you start from the quotations of domestic bookmakers, the chances of success are the owners. Let us understand why.


    In the summer, the Pitmen managed to keep almost all their best performers. Yes, they will miss the departed defenders when Balazic and Bryzgalov. But the Ural is still time to buy someone to replace them. Or Ukrainian coach Dmytro Parfenov has a chance of remaining in its possession to the Midfielders. In any case, the students equipped much better than their upcoming opponents.


    The bulls lost some quality players and while that is not in a hurry to take someone to replace them. They just have someone that can replace defenders Diveevo and Zhivoglajdova, as well as Midfielders Salatić and Purevia. Otherwise, the Ufa can do what she n barely managed to do in the spring to fly in a lower League. And the team definitely doesn't want to be in the FNL.

    Prediction for the game 2019/20 RPL: Ural – Ufa

    In different tournaments and leagues teams interfere with each other thirteen times. In seven games, the stronger was the Urals. But the last Victoria dated 2016. Three matches ended in a draw, and three times stronger was Ufa. But it is unlikely she'll prevail against the Pitmen in their territory this time. Our forecast – a victory of Ural. Still they are quite superior to their opponents in composition.


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