Betting strategy for football matches in Live

стратегия live ставок на футболBetting on football online are very popular, especially during games of their favorite team. On the one hand nothing wrong with the desire to strengthen the feeling and earn no, but in this case there is a risk not to resist the emotion, and, in the end, to lose. Any Live betting should be only on the cold head. The maximum calculation action is the key to success, while any emotional impulse, including the desire to win immediately, leads to the loss.

Sports betting are unpredictable, and rates in real-time the more. From defeat is not insured, even the giants. So in the game you must follow a few fundamental rules that allow, ultimately, to succeed in the confrontation with the bookmaker.

Before applying to strategies in Live betting on football it is necessary to remember about some simple rules that are the Foundation of a successful game of any player on sports betting.

  • Mandatory sequential approach to the study of statistics upcoming matches, to do it is based on several available sources of information with the obligatory analysis of the obtained information.
  • One should not jump to conclusions. Football game in which a significant number of goals you score in the last minute, and the situation may change dramatically. It should correctly predict the changes in the account in a match with the actual situation on the field.
  • It is best to bet on goals scored in the match with a parameter of 0.5. In this case, it plays any goal, regardless of the gate, which he flew.

The basis of the strategy in the game on the football Live betting

In the sports predictions of excess risk was never successful, so it is extremely important to approach the process of organization rates, especially in conditions of changing environment and the game odds inherent in online betting. To achieve success you should stick to the developed over the years strategy live games at football matches.

  1. The main aim of bookmakers is financial enrichment, but do not just throw large sums. The bet should be no more than 5% of your available Bank. Practice shows that a larger rate be a source of financial collapse.
  2. Watch match time. The best time to bet over 1,5 is 30 minutes, provided that the account of the meeting is still 0:0. If you bet on what will be scored another goal, to make such bids is not later than the 65th minute. Otherwise, the probability of losing increases substantially.
  3. Constantly monitor playing odds. In a rapidly changing situation the odds change very quickly. The optimal coefficients are at level 2, but getting them is not always possible. Minimum available indicator is the rate at the level of 1.65. At the same time in some cases be an effective rate of 1.55. Promptly and carefully to decide if the appearance really great deals.
  4. Consider the psychology of the opponents. With the advantage of the one team one goal the probability of scoring increased as one of the teams is committed in every way to win, but the second has no opportunity to catch her on the counter.

These seemingly simple strategy game in Live betting on football in the result allow to obtain a positive final result and earn good money. And one more thing. Never try to win in the same match, where playerLee. This approach faces high risks, and very rarely justified.

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