Predictions for the group stage of the Champions League 2019/20: Valencia – Chelsea 27 Nov 2019

Predictions for the group stage of the Champions League 2019/20: Valencia – Chelsea 27 Nov 2019

Three teams in group H claim to first place in the Quartet. And two of them this coming Wednesday evening will meet in the battle at the stadium "Mestalla". Can Valencia to the cheers of home fans to cope with Chelsea? Or "Retirees" take away points "Bats"?


Last season's "Orange" finished in fourth place of the national championship. And now, after fourteen rounds, they barely held in the top ten. Differently and can not be with such results. Valencia have won just five wins, the same number of defeats and four draws. And last Saturday, the wards albert Celades gave away the Betis with the score 2:1. Although it is possible that they decided to save some energy for more important confrontation in the Champions League. Indeed, in case of a victory over the guests from the Foggy Albion, the Spanish club will be the favorite in the fight for the lead in the Quartet.


Under the leadership of Frank Lampard, despite the transfer ban, the "Blue" show a great game. They won the Premier League six consecutive Victoria. And this series managed to interrupt only Manchester city (2:1) last Saturday. And then the bulls had to recoup on a meeting course. So they deservedly occupy in the native championship place in the TOP 4.

And in the Champions League at Chelsea things are faring well. Just need to get around on points of Ajax or Valencia in the remaining two games. And this would be easy, because at the end of the group stage "Retirees" will play with the outsider of the group – the French Lille.

Prediction for the game 2019/20 Champions League: Valencia – Chelsea

In London two months ago, "Bats" minimal beat "Blue" with the account 0:1. But since then, the English club has become stronger and more confident. But the Spaniards noticeably slowed down. Our forecast – P1. Revenge Chelsea is almost inevitable.

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