Betting hockey schedule ice hockey Championships

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The World Cup of hockey 2018: schedule, odds

Чемпионат мира по хоккею с шайбой

From the 5th to the 16th of may 2018 will be the 82nd World hockey championship. Last year a rank of the strongest hockey teams in the world won Canada. Which team this time will be the winner? Join the most unique of its kind hockey tournament: watch matches at the outset, cheer for your favorite teams, bet on your favorites.

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The world championship in ice hockey in 2019

Чемпионат мира по хоккею с шайбой 2019

The forthcoming ice hockey world championship will take place in may 2019, the year in Slovakia. The cities hosting the tournament, which will be held may 3-19, will be in Bratislava and košice. The matches will be held in the arena "Slovnaft arena" and "steel arena", containing respectively 10 and 8.3 thousand viewers, respectively, therefore, the most visited championship will not be.

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The CHL 2018-2019: schedule, odds

Континентальная хоккейная лига

In Russia ten years ago was organized the Kontinental Hockey League is the European equivalent of the famous NHL. Created on the basis of the Russian championship, the League includes several teams from other countries, including the CIS countries. For example, the tournament acts CHL Finnish "Jokerit", the Chinese "kun LUN", Slovak "Slovan". Previously participated in the raffle Croatian "Medvescak".

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The ice hockey world championship 1-first division 2018

Чемпионат мира по в первом дивизионе ставки расписание описание прогноз

Not long before the main hockey world championship, 18th to 24th of April will be held world Cup in the first division, which will result in a fully resolved structure of the first. The event enjoys huge stir among hockey fans and is considered second in importance in 2015.

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The World hockey championship among juniors : schedule, odds

The world championship on hockey among youth teams of the prestigious hockey championship. The tournament kicks off in Canada on December 26, 2017, the final matches will be held on January 5, 2017. Last year the winner was a team from Finland, who gets the gold this time?

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Continental Hockey League KHL: schedule, odds

Континентальная хоккейная лига - ставки расписание коэффициенты

KHL - Kontinental Hockey League - main annually held ice hockey tournament, ice hockey, after the World Cup. The competition begins in early autumn, the final matches are held in the middle of the summer to decide which of the teams of our continent will be the winner, and the winner of the main trophy KHL - Gagarin's Cup.

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The national Hockey League NHL: schedule, odds

Расписание национальной хоккейной лиги ставки

NHL - national Hockey League - the famous American hockey championship , which is attended by the strongest teams from Canada and the United States. Competition in the current season started in autumn and will take place before the summer. If you're a fan of the sport for real men, join impressive games, enjoy spectacular highlights, bet on your favorite teams.

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