Bets and predictions for the world Cup of hockey 2019

чемпионат мира по хоккею 2019

The forthcoming ice hockey world championship will take place in may 2019, the year in Slovakia. The cities hosting the tournament, which will be held may 3-19, will be in Bratislava and košice. The matches will be held in the arena "Slovnaft arena" and "steel arena", containing respectively 10 and 8.3 thousand viewers, respectively, therefore, the most visited championship will not be.


Nothing new in terms of the organization of the upcoming tournament will not be offered. Traditionally, the participants will be 16 teams, divided into the first stage on two groups. In each, attendees will have seven meetings, the results of which will be determined by a pair of losers, leaving the division below and the top eight teams traveling to the ¼ final.

The formation of the quarterfinal pairs will cross the scheme, when the group winners will play against the teams who find themselves in fourth place in the parallel group. Meeting round of the playoffs involve the elimination of the losing team. Will finish the tournament finals and play for the bronze medal.


Traditionally, the participants of the ice hockey world championship changes slightly. Of the 16 teams, is now leading the fight for the medals of the tournament in 2018, the year in Denmark, and 14 will go to Slovakia. Already known and two new future Championships. Once again try to gain a foothold at the highest level by the representatives of Italy and team UK for the first time in history qualified to the group of the strongest.

If to speak about favourites, then there are no surprises in this regard can not be expected. To fight for the victory will be the team of Canada and USA, representing North America, and European four giants: Russia, Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic.

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