Bets and predictions for the World hockey championship 1-first division: stakes, schedule, world Cup description

Ставки на чемпионат мира по хоккею в 1 первом дивизионеEven given the fact that the matches of this competition did not cause such agiotage, as the fights between the main participants of the world championship, the world championship in ice hockey in the I-th division is of interest to hundreds of thousands of batters in advance and usually included in the line of most bookmakers.

This tournament many fans consider it a kind of qualification stage before the world championship TOP division. After the draw in the first division two teams every year to join the elite of world hockey, and the worst at the end of the championship the national team goes to play against the teams from the second division.

A bit of history

This annual tournament is the second largest in the ranks of the world Championships. Regularly he has been held since the beginning of the twenty-first century. According to the results two teams will be eligible to play in the tower, allowing the experienced punters learn more about the newcomers who will join the TOP division for the year.

Earlier in the tournament was attended by twelve teams, which level is slightly not up to the best teams in the world. And since 2012, the year the competitions were held not in parallel with the draw of a rank of the best teams in the world in the top division, and in two levels. Then there are more strong teams in group A of the first division fighting for spots in the top division. And the weaker teams in group B battling for a place in group A.


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General information

In the drawing of 2015, will involve twelve teams. In group A will play the Italians, Kazakhs, poles, Hungarians, Ukrainians and Japanese. In group B got teams from South Korea, Estonia, Netherlands, Croatia, great Britain and Lithuania. Game six of the first division will take the ice arena in the Polish Krakow. And that the group destined to play their matches in the Dutch Eindhoven.

Regulations, phases and stages of the championship

In the first division of the world Cup playing by the same rules as in other ice-hockey Championships for the title of best team of the planet. The only difference is the lack of knock-out matches. Thus, all members of one group will play each other one time. For the victory in the main time the team is awarded three points. If you managed to win in overtime, the team will be given two points. In that case, if the team lost to the opponent in extra time, she earns one point. But a loss means no points.

Matches of group A will be held in Krakow from the eighteenth through the twenty-fourth of April 2015. And Eindhoven will host the matches of the group from the thirteenth to the nineteenth of April.

The favorites for the world Cup in the 1st division - who to bet?

On the basis of the last year, the results of which the national teams of Austria and Slovenia moved to the top division, and the Koreans went to the group from which to increase in the sextet And moved the poles, we can draw several conclusions. Let's start with group A.

First, it is not necessary to write off the Italians and Kazakhs, who in 2014, the year played in the top division. They have all the chances to return to the elite, proving the coincidence of his departure last year. Although those Japanese who showed good results last year, I can make them a worthy competition.Second, it is necessary to consider not the best form of Hungarians, Ukrainians and poles. They will be able to rise in class only in the case if you approach the start of the tournament in the best condition, and will be able to win games in the first April games.

As for groups, it is the favorites of many experienced punters call Koreans and Croats. But to surprise opponents and fans are also capable of Lithuania. Yes and the Dutch, provided their optimal form, have on hand all the cards to exit in group A.

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