How to bet on hockey on the Internet 'online'. Tips, advice

What you need to know about the sport to a novice better?

Hockey games literally every day attract more attention to yourself. Yes, some sports (for example tennis or football) it is far away, but most European, American and domestic bookmakers now include in their line all of the Central hockey fights.

But while the battle on the ice arenas have not gained the popularity of the matches on the courts or football green lawns, you should seize the moment. After all, to attract the attention of punters, some bookmakers offer betting on ice hockey on very favourable terms, with relatively low margins and considerable odds. But before you can wager on the upcoming game on the ice is something to learn about this sport. And let's start with the identification of advantages betting exactly on hockey competitions.

The advantages of betting on hockey games

In hockey matches, there are many unique features that experienced punters are trying to use to get benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Scoring in hockey is much higher than in the same football. The average for the three periods that last match, hammered five-six goals, which makes betting on this sport is more variable. This time, placing a bet in live mode or playing the totals are.
2. Thanks to the huge number of comebacks (situations in which the losing team finds the strength to score some goals, break the outcome of the meeting and defeat the enemy) to disrupt a good sum in time assessing the chances of both teams.
3. High frequency broadcasts (each club's most important leagues in the world spends an average of two to four sessions per week) allows to conduct the analysis based on the statistics for a certain period and to assess the condition and combat readiness of your favorite team, so that, in turn, to predict the outcome of the next match will be much easier.

What you need to know before you start betting on hockey?

Before you start betting on hockey games, you need to pay attention to several details that newcomers stubbornly refuse to take into account in their calculations:

  • a very important such a thing is playing in their home stadium, in front of their fans. According to the statistics, thanks to the factor of their field the same team often manages to beat approximately the same level of the opponent,
  • it is important to be able to analyze recent results of the team and properly assess the shape of the team. Usually it is enough to see the last five games of the club to form an opinion about the condition of his players. Thus make allowances when watching outbound and domestic meetings,
  • you should also analyze the history and nature of the meetings of the two opponents on the eve of their next game
  • don't forget about the motivation of clubs. For example, the middle peasant is closer to the top of the table and not deciding important task this season could easily lose to the underdog who tries hard to avoid relegation,
  • remember the importance of learning the lineups. Because disqualification or injury of several leading performers can significantly affect the result.

Main types of bets on ice hockey matches

Usually bookmakers accept the following forms of betting on ice hockey:

1. Bets with oddswhen one team (the underdog) deliberately gets in the office a slight advantage.
2. Bets total. When winning is affected by the total numbertion of goals scored in the meeting. Guessing whether teams score more or less than a certain figure set by the bookmaker, you will be able to increase their profits.
3. Other betting options. For example, a bet on the outcome of individual periods, the statistics of individual players and even the number of deletions.

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