Bets and predictions for NHL the 2018: schedule, odds

Ставки на КХЛ : расписание, коэффициентыThe KHL (Continental hockey League) is the strongest European hockey League, which was a place teams from Russia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Latvia and Croatia. A bet on event in the tournaments, KHL is not like the domestic batters, but gambling hockey fans from around the world. Because here plays a lot of great athletes, and the results of matches are often unpredictable and are quite effective.

General information

The current draw is the seventh in the history of the League. Protects the title this season metallurg Magnitogorsk became the winner of the Gagarin Cup last season. Due to the failure of the Prague Lion (finalist last season) to take part in this season, the defending champion had to play the match of the Cup Open at its home arena with the Moscow Dynamo last year's winner of the Cup of Continent. The team from Magnitogorsk has won in this meeting with the score 6:1.

Clubs players of the season 2015

This season KHL Gagarin Cup will compete twenty-eight clubs from seven States and twenty-seven cities. Russia present twenty-two teams. One team defend the honor of Belarus (Dinamo Minsk), Finland (Helsinki Jokerit), Croatia (Zagreb Medveščak), Latvia (Dinamo Riga), Slovakia (Slovan Bratislava) and Kazakhstan (Barys Astana). It is worth noting the absence of several strong teams that participated in last season. For example, this championship will be held without the Czech Lion and the Ukrainian Donbass.

Competition rules - basic rules

The strongest rules of the European championship as a whole is very similar to the rules of the NHL. All the teams are geographically divided into two conferences West and Eastfull-time. They, in turn, are divided into four divisions (named after a famous hockey Chernyshev, Kharlamov, Bobrov and Tarasov) at seven clubs each. First, participants are waiting for the regular season, where all teams will play sixty matches. The club garnered at this stage the most points is awarded the trophy of the Continent.

Then sixteen best teams from both conferences (eight representatives each) participate in the playoffs, playing in the Gagarin Cup. And at this point the die can be reduced as the strongest clubs of the divisions and true favorites with a much weaker clubs.

Tournaments and progress

Regular stage this season began on the third of September 2014 and will end on the twenty-fourth day of February, 2015. Then, after a short pause, twenty-seven February games start in the playoffs. The the Conference finals, fans will be able to see at the end of March and beginning of April 2015.

Games finals will be held from the eleventh through the twenty-third of April, 2015. They two best teams of the Conferences will determine the new holder of the Gagarin Cup.

In addition, the best players will delight fans of the seventh in the history of the KHL all-star game, which will be played twenty-fifth day of January in Sochi ice Palace.

The League favorites this year

After thirty-five games in the Western conference a leader CSKA Moscow. What the army most bookmakers and is considered the main contender for the Gagarin Cup and the Continent this season.

But don't underestimate the Kazan AK bars and St. Petersburg SKA, also showing good results. Before the start of the playoffs is still a few months, so the same current champion, Magnitogorsk metallurg, and other strong enough (for example, Jokerit Helsinki or Moscow Dynamo) there's still time to get in shape and compete for victory in this season.