Youth ice hockey world championship 2019

молодежный чемпионат мира по хоккею 2019

The youth world championship is not as popular among hockey fans, but is one of the most important events for experts, because it is here to show off their skills as young players, many of whom have a few years to Shine in the composition of the strongest clubs in the NHL and KHL.

Traditionally, this championship is held during the Christmas holidays. The next tournament will be held in Canada. It will take Vancouver and Victoria. Game championship will begin on 26 December of this year and will be completed in 2019-th year 5-th of January.


The main feature of the world youth Championships from their adult counterparts performs a smaller number of participants in the group stage also formed two groups, but only five teams. The results of five games (each) from four teams go the quarter-finals, and only the last teams in groups play each other for the right to stay for next year, as it crashes into the second division only one team.

At the stage of the playoffs provides for the standard rules with the knockout games and the formation of the quarter-final pairs by cross-connection.


In group "A" will make the youth of Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, Denmark and Switzerland, and the second five of the form teams of the United States, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia and Kazakhstan, who won that right with his play in the first division in the winter of this year. Traditionally the favorites of the youth championship are the two overseas teams, be sure to present the winners of the last two Championships.

The Russians in the period 2011-2017 has always been a winner, but the winner only once. Regularly in the top three are Swedes, but Finns for the last 12 years, only twice left the tournament with medals, but both cases with gold (2014, 2016).

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