Bets and predictions for NHL 2018-2019: schedule, odds

Ставки на НХЛ: расписание, коэффициентыThe national hockey League season 2018-2019

2018-2019 season National hockey League (NHL) began on 3 October 2018. This tournament is for teams USA and Canada, so the NHL is considered one of the strongest leagues in the world. For NHL games watching thousands of Russian fans are betting on the winner of the bookmakers. Especially for you edition made a schedule of the tournament, the odds of bookmakers and the forecast for the favorites in the NHL.

Members of the NHL

The national hockey League consists of two conferences - Eastern and Western. The conference is divided geographically into divisions: the Eastern on the Capital and the Atlantic, and the Western to the Central and Pacific.
In each division is represented by 8 teams. Of the strongest clubs in the Eastern conference it is worth noting the American team the Washington capitals and the canadian Montreal Canadiens. In the Western conference, the Canadians lead the Winnipeg jets and amerikntsy Anaheim ducks.

The tournament

According to the competition rules, the winning team gets 2 points for a loss in overtime or shootout - 1 point, and no points for losing in regular time. The winner of the division of the NHL is the team that scored the most points by a club that occupies the first place in points among the teams of both conferences, receives the Presidential Cup.
For the Stanley Cup in a series of playoff fighting team taken from first to third place in their division. In the Stanley Cup each club plays a series of matches to four victories. If the teams tied in regulation time, the winner is determined in overtime. Overtime rules in the playoffs differ from the regular season: overtime of the Stanley Cup lasts 20 minutes (instead of 5 in the seasonal games), the teams will play 5 on 5 players, not 3 for 3 in the championship. In the Stanley Cup no penalty, so the teams fight in the first overtime before a goal was scored.

The stages of NHL

The structure of the tournament consists of 2 stages: the regular season and the Stanley Cup (playoffs). Regular season team in the Western conference hold 29 games against opponents in its division, 21 match against clubs in the other division and two games against teams in the Eastern conference. In the Eastern conference the same rules: teams play 30 matches against clubs in their division and 24 against teams in the other division and 2 games against the Western conference.
The leaders of the divisions fall into the series of the playoffs Stanley Cup. In the series of the playoffs teams play until four wins, the loser is eliminated from the tournament. For the winners of the regular season provided the advantage they hold one more meeting at the home arena.

A prediction on the winner of the NHL

The 2018-2019 NHL season started relatively recently, teams have only played 6-7 matches, so the alignment of forces may change. However, the favorites are already known: in the Metropolitan division of the Eastern conference leading Carolina Hurricanesin the Atlantic - Toronto maple leafs. Carolina is ahead of his nearest rival, new Jersey Devils, only 1 point, and Toronto is superior to the Montreal Canadiens on 3 onchka. Canadian club of the Montreal Canadiens is the most successful team in the history of the NHL: he have 24 Stanley Cup! For the first place in the Atlantic division will fight the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto maple leafs and the Boston Bruins.

In the Central division of the Western conference first place in the standings is a Nashville Predators, and in the Pacific - Anaheim ducks. Anaheim took the lead on 3 points, but, in our opinion, the club will not be able to hold the position, and at the end of the season the Anaheim ducks will take is not above the third place. Canadian teams calgary flames and the Vancouver Canucks will be shared by the first and second place in the Pacific division. A prediction on the winner of the Central division much harder to do. Three teams, the Nashville Predators, Colorado avalanche and Winnipeg jets, have about the same chance in the first place. At Nashville a better game statistics, and the club is leading now, therefore, bet to win , the Nashville Predators can be a winner.

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