The ice hockey world championship 2019 in Slovakia: schedule and stages of the tournament

The ice hockey world championship 2019 in Slovakia: schedule and stages of the tournament

    In košice and Bratislava sixteen of the best hockey teams of the planet for several days trying to find out which of them are worthy of gold medals this time. And while teams are just beginning their journey at the world Cup in 2019, the editors offers you remember what date will be the most anticipated game of the championship, starting with the preliminary round and ending with the final.

    What are the stages of the world Cup 2019 in ice hockey?

    Traditionally, the world championship includes two main stages:

    1. The preliminary stage teams are divided into two groups of eight teams each and play against each other. For the victory in regulation time, the team gets three points. In overtime or a shootout – two. The losing party in most of the time does not record points to your account. If the team lost in overtime or a shootout, then it moves one point.
    2. The playoffs. In the second stage, which starts with the quarterfinals taking part in the four best teams from each group. They will play on the Olympic system, that is on the flight. And the best team of group A will meet with the worst of the group B, and so on. Thus, the draw is "crisscross". To play teams at this stage have to determine the winner: regular time, overtime twenty-minute "three on three", a series of five penalty shots for each side. Only in the final duel will be gone. The champion will be determined in overtime by twenty minutes.

    And now more about time periods for each stage.

    Preliminary round

    His matches will take place from the tenth to the twenty-first of may inclusive. Group a plays in Kosice, and eight B – in Bratislava. On weekdays, the teams will play two games at 17:15 and 21:15. Weekend each andW eights to be held at three meetings – 13:15, 17:15 and 21:15. That is, teams from different groups will play at the same time. Who exactly how much it will be on the ice, decided by lot.

    One of the most interesting fights of the group stage will be a face to face meeting of national teams of Canada and the USA and also Sweden and Russia, which will take place on the evening of the twenty-first of may. If you are still contemplating on who to put in the bookmaker today, be sure to remember about these struggles.


    After the end of the group stage teams will get a day of rest. That is the twenty-second of may, supporters from around the world will have rest from the world Cup of hockey. But the twenty-third athletes with the eight best teams in the world will be on the ice steel Arena in košice and the Ondrej Nepela Arena in Bratislava, to play tickets to the next stage. Matches will start at 17:15 and 21:15.


    Before this stage the players will once again be a full day for recovery. The organizers still will determine who of the participants of the ½ who will play. This is done very simply. Of the teams that made it to the semifinals, the strongest in the group stage against the weakest. For example, if team Finland takes the fourth place in group A, and the team of Russia will win group B, but then they both reach the semifinals, they have to go out on the ice against each other. The matches of this stage will start on the twenty-fifth of may at 16:15 and 20:15. They will both be held in Bratislava.

    The game for third place

    Teams losing in the semifinals, will meet the twenty-sixth of may at 16:45, to identify the owner of fourth place and bronze medals. The game will take place at the Ondrej Nepela Arena in Bratislava.

    The finalg>

    The main match of the world Cup 2019 in hockey, bets that many bookmakers are taking now will be the twenty-sixth of may at Ondrej Nepela Arena. Kickoff is at 21:10 Moscow time.

    Upon its completion will be the award ceremony. It will honor not only the winners but also the best players at the end of the season. Among them the most outstanding scorers, who scored maximum goals. Let's not forget about the assistants who gave the highest number of assists. Get their attention and goalkeepers who miss the minimum number of washers. A highlight will be the congratulations to the best coach of the tournament.

    And don't forget that on our portal you will find predictions on all the matches of the world Cup 2019 in hockey.