2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Austria – Italy 20 may 2019

2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Austria – Italy 20 may 2019

    Two outsiders of group B of the upcoming world Cup 2019 in hockey will take the ice arena in Bratislava on the penultimate day of the first main stage of the world championship. And who among them will get glasses in an internal battle: the Austrians or the Italians? According to quotes , the official bookmakers, a very small advantage is still on the side of "eagle". But is it really seriously they are superior to their upcoming counterpart?


    Modest, is trying to achieve some heights in the elite world of hockey can and does leave the top division. If only she would not be able to cope with the Italians, and to take points in matches with other teams of the group. And this ward Dan Ratushny will have to try...


    Vice-champion of the first division will definitely want to gain a foothold among the sixteen best teams of the planet. But for this you need to score as many points in the group stage of the world Cup 2019 in Bratislava. And the easiest opponent of the Italians at first glance is "Eagles".

    The forecast for the end of the game Austria – Italy

    It's funny that the teams have already met among themselves three and thirty times, and only thirteen wins in these confrontations on account of "eagles." While the Italians were fifteen times stronger and five draw results. Even the preponderance of scored and missed washers on the side of the nominal guests of the upcoming meeting: 109 vs 99. That's just the last time Italy defeated the Austrians in 2000-m to year. Therefore our forecast – P1. Although there is a possibility of overtime and even the shootout.

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