2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Czech Republic – Italy on 17 may 2019

2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Czech Republic – Italy on 17 may 2019

    Another favorite and outsider will meet among themselves at the world Cup in 2019, the seventeenth of may. In Bratislava will face the Czech Republic and Italy. On whose side is luck in this game? If you believe the Russian bookmakers, the Italians virtually no chance for a positive result. And very soon you will become clear why.

    Czech Republic

    Wards Milos Rigi, in the words of the mentor, are determined to achieve maximum success at the upcoming world Cup in 2019. And the head coach, can understand. The Czechs, showing a quality game, can't win medals in 2012, when in Finland they only got a bronze. It's time to change something.

    And why not start with the removal of the outsiders in the group stage. Where, as in the matches against modest teams, to get the cherished points and better difference of scored and missed goals?


    "Squadra adzurra" once again were among the best teams in the world after second place in the first division. But this does not mean that the Italians are ready to fight on equal terms with the elite. Just look at the statistics of this team in recent years. She never coped with the "big six". But crushing inferior to them. For example, in 2017 the Swedes with the score 8:1 and the Russians 10:1.

    The forecast for the end of the game Czech Republic – Italy

    Of the eight matches between these teams, the Italians never managed to defeat their opponents. All eight wins, the Czechs produced in the main time. And the biggest defeat their counterparts, they struck with the score 11:0! In our opinion, the answer to the question on who to put in the upcoming confrontation, is obvious. Our forecast – a victory of the Czech team. As usual, in the main time.

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