2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: Finland – world champion

2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: Finland – world champion

    Team Finland in the main match of the world Cup in 2019 beat the Canadians and won the gold medal. Not all official bookmakers expect such a development of events. So how was the main match of the world championship in Slovakia?

    The first period (0:1)

    "Maple leaves" was a favourite and quite naturally first took the lead. In the beginning of the eleventh minute of play brought forward by Shea Theodore. As he tried "Suomen", but quickly to win them and failed. The Canadians continued to control the game, which often attacked and was close to the second hammered washer.

    The second period (1:0)

    That all changed in the second frame. The break went in favor of the Finns. They calmed down, came together and began to act colder. And on the twenty-third minute it has paid off. The nominal owners sold the most thanks to an accurate throw Anttila. Now, Canadians began to get nervous. But a great game of defense of the Finns and Kevin Lankinen did not allow them again to come forward.

    The third period (2:0)

    And towards the end of the meeting Finland and not fired up. Anttila scored again. And then Pesonen set the final score – 3:1. Canadians simply had no luck.

    What is the result?

    Finland has managed to surprise, first to cope with the Russians in the semifinals, and then with the Canadians in the main event of the world championship. Thanks to the flexibility of tactics, incredible will to win and not without success the wards of Yucca Alanina become Champions. It remains only to congratulate you on this result. We remind you that "Suomen" not won a world Cup gold in 2011. And now they have become three-time winners of this title.