2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Finland – United Kingdom 17 may 2019

2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Finland – United Kingdom 17 may 2019

    Favorite vs underdog. Finland or the UK? Who will be worthy of victory in the game of the group stage of the world Cup 2019 in ice hockey? The largest Russian bookmakers there is little doubt that the glasses will be given to Northern Europe, not Albion. Let us now look at why.


    "Lions" from 2016 was on the podium of the world championship when they won silver. At the world Cup in 2019 wards of Yucca Alanina exactly wish to rectify the situation in their favor. But to act they will have in conditions of severe competition with the Canadians and the Americans. And the rest of the teams in the group And it is better to appreciate.

    Therefore, it is extremely important to the Finns beat the Danes sixteenth of may. And the next day to go on the ice arena in Kosice and to deal with the British.


    The "Team GB" is a completely different task for the coming contest. UK only increased in the classroom. Therefore, the main goal for the team is to maintain residence in the elite of world hockey. But it is enough and seventh places. But this does not mean that the British will be the whipping boys for all their opponents.

    The forecast for the end of the game Finland – United Kingdom

    It's funny that the teams played each other only twice. And both times success was for the British. Only those meetings were held in 1951 and 1962. Since that time, the situation on the world hockey arena has changed dramatically. And now the Finns are a favorite. Our forecast – P1. Member of the "big six" it's time to rewrite history in their favor and correct statistics.

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