2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: a forecast for the match France – Finland 19 may 2019

2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: a forecast for the match France – Finland 19 may 2019

    Towards the end of the group stage of the world Cup 2019 will play the French and the Finns. Will the "Musketeers" anything to oppose the representative of the "big six"? If you believe the quotations of Russian bookmakers, it is unlikely. And let's look at why.


    The team of Dave Henderson is far from the Olympus of world hockey. Too modestly stands France against the elite in this sport. Yes, even the middle peasants sometimes severely punished modest European team. In fairness, sometimes the French team gave a real fight even with the giants. That's just whether it will be able to repeat past achievements?


    The "lions" did not manage to take home the trophy at the world Cup in 2011. After that significant victory the Finns have won two bronze (in 2014 and 2016 years), and then completely failed to win the medals. Now, the team led by Jukka Alaninom, certainly going to try to correct this "misunderstanding" and for myself, and for all his fans.

    Before today's meeting with the French, the Finns will have a rest day. And this is after the confrontation with the British, where so many efforts they just do not have. That is, the "northerners" are simply obliged to approach the entrance to the ice in košice eighteenth of may in full armor.

    The forecast for the end of the game France – Finland

    Even if the "Musketeers" will give their best to steal the Arena, it is unlikely they will be able to hold attack their upcoming opponent. Too strong "Lions" in this aspect. And at the gate they are able to act wisely. Our forecast of N2. Although in total more than four can not be.

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