2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: France and Austria leaving the top division

2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: France and Austria leaving the top division

    The French and the Austrians were unable to oppose the debutants of the world Cup 2019, and will be relegated. Although the teams of UK and Italy was considered the leading bookies outsiders of the tournament.


    "The Musketeers" for the whole tournament not won a single victory. For a decisive match against a team from the UK they came to the point in the asset – one point got them after a shootout in a battle with the Danes. All other meetings of the France lost in regulation time. Thus, to maintain residence in the elite, the team of Philip Higgs is imperative to beat the representatives of England.

    And began the French are very cheerful. They dropped his opponent three unanswered goals. However, the British managed to create just an incredible comeback. They gained a gap and took the game into overtime. Where and all managed to pull out a victory.


    Something similar was happening in group B, but without the same passions. In the final round, the Austrians were among the outsiders – they have lost five games in a row. To stay in the top division, they had to beat the team of Italy.

    Overall, the Eagles throughout the tournament looked better than his last opponent. But luck turned away from them. Leading after the first period with the score 2:1 in the third the Austrians had to fight back to send the game into overtime. But the commands did not reveal the winner. And in the penalty shootout proved to be luckier the Italian team.

    What's next?

    Both the newcomer to remain in elite of world hockey, despite the skeptical attitude of most sports experts. But France and Austria suddenly sent to the first division.

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