2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: results of the quarterfinals

2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: results of the quarterfinals

    Before the end of the 2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey left quite a bit of time. And already defined the four best teams. As each of them got to the semi-finals? Were there any surprises in the first stage of the playoffs this season? Matched pairs are the winners with the predictions top bookmakers and editors Online-bookmakers.ru? Find out the answers to these questions right now!

    Russia – USA

    "Red car" continues their unbeaten streak on home hockey tournament on the planet. This time her victim was team USA. And again, the charges produced Vorobyova Victoria in regulation time. However, the quarter-finals turned out to be for them a true challenge for all world Cup 2019.

    After the first period, the Russians conducted 2:0 thanks to exact throws Nikita Gusev and Mikhail Sergachev. However, in the opening stages of the second period the Americans the one goal was score – scored Brady Shea. In the third period each team scored another two goals – first, to the Vagaries made the score 3:1, then scored Hanifin (3:2), Grigorenko has again increased its lead over the Russians, and Debrincat set the final score 4:3. Not without problems, Russia is stepping into the semi-finals.

    Canada – Switzerland

    The real tragedy was played out on the ice steel Arena in Kosice. "Crusaders" came forward under the veil of the first period. In the second frame the teams exchanged goals, making the score 1:2. And then happened something incredible. In the final seconds of the third period, Syverson tied the score, moving the game into overtime. Canada proved to be mentally stronger and got the win in overtime – 3:2.

    Finland – Sweden

    No less spectacular duel gave "Lions" and "Three crowns". Finland thanks to an accurate throw Mikkola took the lead in the first minute. But by the end of the first period the defending champion was leading 1:3 after accurate shots Klingberg, Hornqvist and Pettersson. In the second segment of the game was recorded the score was 3:4. And at the end of the third period Anttila restored parity. But in overtime, the Finns were stronger than the current champion.

    Czech Republic – Germany

    The most boring was the meeting at 21:15 on Ondrej Nepela Arena. The first period of play, the team finished in a goalless draw. Secondly they exchanged washers. And in the third period, the Czechs markedly increased and brought the score to 5:1. Lio Germans simply did not have enough for the whole match...

    What's next?

    The twenty-fifth of may between them will play:

    1. Russia and Finland.
    2. Canada and the Czech Republic.

    Thus, in the semi-finals will meet representatives of the "big six". Of the TOP 6 at this stage was not only the Americans and the Swedes. It is noteworthy that not only the "Three crowns", but last year's finalist – Switzerland – stopped their performances in the quarterfinals of the tournament. And bronze medalist, team USA. That is, in Slovakia all the medals go to the other teams compared to last year's championship in Denmark.

    One more remarkable fact. In the semi-finals will play four teams that were the best at the preliminary stage. Will they be able to play the remaining matches on the same level? Find out very soon.

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