2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: preliminary round

2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: preliminary round

    While the best teams of the world are preparing for the first games of the playoffs for the world Cup 2019 in Slovakia, let's remember how you did and what ended the preliminary round of the tournament. All the favourites met the expectations of fans, sports experts and leading bookmakers? Or championship presented hockey fans unexpected surprises? All of this right now in the new material from the editors Online-bookmakers.ru.

    Group A

    The four best teams in košice as follows:

    1. Canada (eighteen points).
    2. Finland (sixteen points).
    3. Germany (fifteen points).
    4. USA (fourteen points).

    Surprisingly, the Germans managed to circumvent one of the favourites – the national team of the United States. Otherwise, at the top of the table with no surprises. For a long time, the chances of reaching the playoffs kept the hosts world Cup 2019 – Slovaks. But in the end they got only three wins in regulation time and another in the shootout. And eleven points was not enough to take at least fourth place.

    The worst team in the eights suddenly become not the national team of great Britain, and France. The Musketeers in the final match lost to England in overtime, losing the advantage in three washers. And now waiting for the French first division.

    Group B

    The real hero of the preliminary stage was the team of Russia. This is the only team out of sixteen, who showed a perfect result of seven victories in regulation time and twenty one points in total. Also on account of the "red machine" the best difference of scored and missed washers (+29).

    In General, the participants of the playoffs from group B look like this:

    1. Russia (twenty-one).
    2. Czech Republic (eighteen points).
    3. Sweden (fifteen points).
    4. Switzerland (twelve points).

    There are no surprises. The best eight teams were in the quarterfinals. Also in the playoffs could catch on the representatives of Latvia, but they lacked only nine points.

    The biggest surprise of the preliminary stage in Bratislava was the relegation to the first division a pretty good command of the Austrians. They failed to beat the Italian national team and are now forced to drop the class.

    Some statistics

    Best scorer of the tournament at the moment is Swede William Nylander, on account of which seventeen points (five goals and twelve assists). Behind him with fifteen points are the Russian Nikita Kucherov (six goals and nine assists) and Czech Jakub Voracek (three goals + twelve assists).

    The best snipers of the preliminary stage were the Czech Michael Frolic, canadian Anthony manta and Russian Evgeny dadonov. On account of each of them by seven goals.

    Among goalies it should be noted canadian Carter HART , and Russian Andrei Vasilevsky. Yet they demonstrate excellent results and can improve during the match.

    What's next?

    Today will be held quarterfinal matches. This means that very soon we will know the lucky ones to be in the next round. It is hoped that there will be all the strongest at the moment teams of the world.

    Predictions for all the matches of the ice hockey world championship 2019.