2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: the results of the tournament in Slovakia

2019 IBU WCH in ice hockey: the results of the tournament in Slovakia

    Here and passed the world championship on hockey in Slovakia. Finland has won the championship. Canada and Russia have won medals. What else will remember the world Cup-2019? Let us recall the main moments of the past competitions.

    The preliminary stage

    As expected, a huge number of official bookmakers, the best in the group stage was the team of Russia. "Red car" was the only team that has produced seven victories in the main time. No defeats and the maximum number of points than the application for title. But everything turned out differently.

    In group A the best were the Canadians. But they are in the opening stages of the tournament lost to the Finns, which kind of ruined them statistics. Second place in the eights got two future semi-finalists – the Finns and the Czechs.

    But the worst teams in the championship suddenly became the French and the Austrians. In the most important fights for survival they failed to cope with the debutants of the competition, the Brits and the Italians. So France and Austria are in the first division.


    The first stage of the playoffs has not been without surprises. The only predictable result of this stage is the removal of the Germans of the Czech team. Russia is not without thrilling moments coped with the representatives of the United States (4:3), which was the first warning bell regarding the invincibility of the team Vorobyov.

    The Finns in overtime managed to put the squeeze on the Swedes with the account 5:4. It is symbolic that this team dealt with the then-current world champion. And the Canadians, in a dramatic denouement, but still pulled Victoria in overtime have decreased their attackers – the Swiss (3:2).


    A "href="https://online-bookmakers.ru/">bookmakers considered the favorites ½ Russia and Canada. But only one of these teams managed to meet the expectations of their fans. Representatives of North America convincingly defeated Cech with the score 5:1.

    But the "Red car" unexpectedly "stalled" at the most important segment of the tournament. Guys Ilya Vorobiev failed to cope with the Finns. Although it is fair to say that it is "Suomi" tactically outsmarted the Russians. Just one goal was enough for them to reach the final.

    The match for third place

    Angry representatives of the national team of Russia was left without medals at the world Cup in 2019. They snatched bronze in the national team of Czech Republic. Read more about this game, we already wrote. So there is no reason to repeat.

    The final

    In the main fight of the world Cup 2019 at the Ondrej Nepela Arena was found Finns and Canadians. "Maple leaves" first opened the account. But not enough. Team Yucca Alanina again pleased with unusual tactics and teamwork. Read more about the final fight can be read here. And now for the interesting statistics from the tournament.

    Best results in world Cup 2019

    So, the gold medals of the tournament went to team Finland, Canada left Slovakia with silver and "Red car" went to Russia with bronze medals. And now to the staff.

    The League's top scorer was William Nylander from Sweden. He has eighteen points (five goals and thirteen.titiunik assists) in eight games. The second with sixteen points is Nikita Kucherov (6+10) for ten games. Third place was shared by another Russian – Nikita Gusev – and Czech Jakub Voracek. Each of them also earned sixteen points (4+12).

    The best goalkeeper of the world championship expected was a Russian , Andrey Vasilevsky. He has four games in which he has defended on a zero, and 94.58% of the reflected shots. A "shot" at goal Vasilevsky opponent 240 times that much more than the latest turn of any other goalkeeper at the world Cup in Slovakia.

    The title of most valuable player of the tournament was awarded to canadian mark stone. He scored eight goals and six assists accurate. The best players were named Vasilevsky (Russia), Greek (Czech Republic) and Kucherov (Russia). And in the symbolic team of the world Cup in 2019 were:

    1. Goalkeeper Andrey Vasilevsky (Russian team).
    2. Defender Philip Granek (the Czech Republic).
    3. Defender Mikko Lehtonen (team Finland).
    4. Forward mark stone (team Canada).
    5. Forward William Nylander (Sweden).
    6. Forward Jakub Voracek (Czech Republic).

    What is the result?

    Tournament in Slovakia did not go without surprises. But overall pleased fans of quality hockey, unexpected results and spectacular memorable moments. But it is expected that fans from all over the world.

    Let not all the forecasts as to our newsroom and largest bookmakers or sports experts has come true, but that is not important. The most important is beautiful and napredkaSwamy hockey. We can only hope that next year's world Cup will not be worse. And, quite possibly, even better!