2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Latvia – Russia 18 may 2019

2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Latvia – Russia 18 may 2019

    Two quarterfinalist last year's world championship will meet each other in the group stage of the world Cup-2019. Latvia or Russia? Which of the two teams from the former Soviet Union will win, and easy to guess. On the side of the "red machine" and statistics, and quotes from leading bookmakers. Why not just bettors from Russia it is necessary to put charges on Ilya Vorobiev? Find out right now.


    Under the guidance of canadian coach Bob Hartley "Maroon and white" was able to show significant progress and has surprised with his play even neutral fans. The national team of Latvia at the last world Cup in Denmark out of the group. And quite well opposed future Champions, the Swedes, having lost with the account 3:2. Whether the Baltic team to prove themselves in may 2019?

    It is quite possible. But now not worth the wait of underestimating your opponents. Especially from representatives of the "big six".


    It's funny that a year ago, "Red car" failed to overcome the same position as her upcoming opponent. Now the Russians will be able to prove that they are superior to Latvians on all articles in full-time fight on arena ice in Bratislava. That's all.

    The forecast for the end of the game Latvia – Russia

    For eleven matches between these teams has not been a single draw. Nine wins in regulation time on account of the "red machine". Two – asset Latvians. The last time the teams crossed each other (it was in 2017), the Russians defeated the rival with the score 5:0. Our forecast is hardly someone will surprise – P2. And a chance for ТБ3.5 is large enough.

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