2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the match Norway – Latvia on 21 may 2019

2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the match Norway – Latvia on 21 may 2019

    In one of the most modest matches of the final day of the group stage of the world Cup 2019 in Bratislava will be meeting Norwegians and Latvians. Will the Scandinavians to cope with the team from the Baltic States? After all, judging by quotations of the largest bookmakers, the odds of winning each of the teams are approximately equal. But who better to put in this meeting?


    The start of the tournament in Slovakia "polar bears" frankly failed. But it's not so much the penalty charges Peter Thoresen, how much of the complexity of the schedule. Indeed, in the first two games, the Norwegians had to face the Russians and Czechs. "Russian car" coped with his opponent with the score 5:2. And then two washers hockey players from Norway scored Wasilewski in the end, when his teammates quite relaxed.

    But with the Czechs at the "polar bears" turned out to be a real shootout. Although they lost 2:7, but was able to show a strong and uncompromising team. That's only on an urgent need to score points...


    The eleventh of may "Maroon and white" debuted on ice in Bratislava with the defeat of the Austrians with the score 5:2. Thus, the national team of Latvia once again demonstrated that it's deservedly found themselves in the playoffs of the world Cup a year ago. Now you just need to keep battened down the bar.

    A prediction for the outcome of the game Norway – Latvia

    If the team will continue to act in the same spirit, the Norwegians run the risk to break even by the middle of the group stage. But the team from the Baltic States and last year was gradually added to the playoffs. Therefore our forecast – a victory of nominal guests. It is possible that in normal time.

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