2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Russia – Italy 15 may 2019

2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Russia – Italy 15 may 2019

    "The red machine" against the outsider of the eight. Russia and Italy. Who has more chances to win? The answer, according to leading bookmakers, is obvious. The Russian team simply has to smash the Italians and win in three periods, not to go to overtime and especially the shootout. Why? Try to justify.


    The current owners of Olympic gold not only are the "big six" in hockey history, but always fighting for top honors in the sport throughout its history. Yes, at the last world Cup, the team failed to show their full extent and were eliminated in the quarterfinals, losing to Canadians with the account 4:5. But now wards Ilya Vorobiev have to make this right. And where to score points, not in a fight with outsiders?


    The team of Stefan Myra once again increased in the classroom and came to the elite division. Now the main task for the Italians, not to fly back from whence they just arrived. Let's be honest, the chances of this team compete on an equal footing with representatives of the "big six", which is in group three, virtually no. It is unlikely that Italy will be able to resist the current Champions – the Swedes, Russians or Czechs. But to deliver discomfort to other participants of the group of eight in the group stage they can completely. So why not save his strength for the confrontation with equal teams, giving this fight the Russians? Find out whether such a move these guys soon.

    The forecast for the end of the game Russia – Italy

    Personally we have no doubt who is stronger already in the main time of the confrontation. Our forecast – a confident victory of the Russian team. Unfortunately for fans of the team from Italy.

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