2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Sweden – Austria may 16, 2019

2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Sweden – Austria may 16, 2019

    The reigning world champion against the underdog of group B will meet on the ice in Bratislava in mid-may. Whether Austria to fight such an experienced opponent like Sweden? If you believe the quotes largest bookmakers, the chances of a positive outcome from the "eagles" are almost there. So why do Scandinavians have to beat your upcoming opponent?


    The team of Ricarda Grinberga suitable for the coming world Cup 2019 in the luxurious form and will try to defend the title. To do this, the "Three crowns" has everything – an experienced mentor, outstanding hockey players in the squad, most of whom played in the best clubs of the NHL, as well as a perfectly acceptable calendar.

    In February of Sweden met with the Finns, Russians and Czechs in the framework of the Beijer 2019. And of these three the Scandinavians lost to the only team of the Czech Republic (5:2). So no need to doubt their condition.


    For the eagles ' main objective is the preservation of residence in the top division. Likely to compete for the seventh place they will have with the newcomers to the "elite" – the Italian national team. And not the fact that the struggle, the Austrians will win. But to take back their scores from the "big six hockey" they do not even dream of.

    A prediction for the outcome of the game Sweden – Austria

    For nineteen duels between these teams was recorded fourteen Victoria Swedes, two draws and only three victories of the Austrians. So the forecast is unlikely to surprise someone: the victory of the nominal owners. They are too strong compared to the opponent.

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