2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Sweden – Latvia may 20, 2019

2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Sweden – Latvia may 20, 2019

    The penultimate day of the group stage of the world Cup 2019 in Bratislava will be opened by the Sweden and Latvia. Who will succeed in this fight, current champion or quarterfinalist last year's world Cup? Quotes the official bookmakers to the side of the "Three crowns". But let us remember the journey of both teams to the current confrontation.


    "The three crowns" to solve a difficult task – to defend the title in fight with are not the easy opponents. Moreover, the team under the leadership of Ricarda Grinberga first need to come up with a quite simple group.

    To the twentieth of may the Swedes just have to guarantee a place in the playoffs. Then just mark the position with which they will start in the quarterfinals. That will only allow them to do this, the team from the Baltic States? The question remains open.


    A year ago in Denmark, "Maroon and white" has already created something impossible. They made it to the quarterfinals. And even in the confrontation with the Champions of the future looked quite well, having lost only in the third period. Now these two teams will again play each other. Can the defending Champions this time to prove their superiority?

    A prediction for the outcome of the game Sweden – Latvia

    Seventeen face-to-face confrontations in all the major tournaments Balts only once defeated Scandinavians. And then in the penalty shootout. On account of the "Three crowns" thirteen Victoria in regulation time and another in overtime. But it is worth Recalling the match of these teams a year ago... still our forecast – P1. Sweden has to win.

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